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safe1680082 artist:vanillaghosties376 princess celestia93937 alicorn219424 pony942322 beautiful5439 celestia day45 crepuscular rays2694 cute195863 cutelestia3543 female1339405 looking at you163742 lying down15610 mare468077 prone25044 regal94 smiling241186 solo1046074 sploot424


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Background Pony #173C
I…I fell in love with Celestia…..
oh why!
I guess..
just because she is….beautiful
Background Pony #61D2
I've had this feeling since 2015.
Needless to say, the times I've found myself soap-scrubbing my crotch in the shower an hour before daybreak has increased threefold since.
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Sweetest Celestia ever. You know, she's much more accessible as a pony (person) without her mane and tail floating all over the place. I like it.