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safe1616825 artist:tjpones3400 oc627968 oc:brownie bun955 oc:richard382 earth pony216398 human146573 pony884630 robot7247 robot pony3254 horse wife715 absurd resolution64330 chest fluff34398 clothes426493 comic103406 dialogue61046 distraction73 duo52914 ear fluff25378 eating8998 female1287044 food64365 glasses56893 grayscale35959 human male6399 ice cream4699 jalapeño10 kitchen1665 male344218 mare439894 monochrome144928 pun7253 remote control181 shirt22450 simple background361675 sitting57561 white background90443


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22 comments posted
Background Pony #986B
TJ should start a spreadshirt shop with all of the T-shirts that Richard has worn so far.

…and that one shirt that Brownie has worn: >>1425499
Azure Fang
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Oh no, he's here?
It's not lying. With Brownie out of sight, it has no way to know if she's finished guzzling ice cream and moved on to their emergency peanut butter stores. "Maybe" is the most accurate answer.