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I kept on the idea of Rocky and Frost being vent buddies after a few drinks, R becomes a cry baby and starts crying over everything, if he picks out on of Frost's ffeathers by accident he goes into a ball and begs forgiveness even though frost doesn't care much anyways. They both enjoy being around one another quite a lot and said to be inseparable, who knows maybe theres something more happening.

Daddy Spike, when Moonstone was a cub, he was very protective of his 'shooting star' growling at maids and nannies who came close to her. Luna found this adorable about spike and allows him to stay near their daughter while she does her nightly duties and sleeping throughout the day. Spike would usually sneak in while she is sleeping and would cuddle up with her and Moonstone, Celestia would come in to tell of an event or news to her sister to see them peacefully sleeping and would smile before leaving leaving them at peace.

More anthros hhnn Im addicted now plus I wanted to draw some Shortcake, she enjoys long shirts or jumpers aswell as dresses but only black haha.
safe1597189 artist:anyatrix65 spike74962 oc614906 oc:fog frost4 oc:moonstone65 oc:rock sulphate4 oc:shortcake22 dracony5877 earth pony209781 hybrid15732 pegasus251117 pony866908 anthro235844 anthro with ponies2388 interspecies offspring6293 magical lesbian spawn10504 male337593 mouth hold15709 offspring34556 older23758 parent:cheese sandwich1610 parent:maud pie373 parent:mud briar120 parent:night glider105 parent:pinkie pie3634 parent:princess luna1965 parent:spike2007 parents:cheesepie1390 parents:maudbriar95 parents:nightdash8 parents:spiluna19 sketch58232 sketch dump2765 stallion95550 teary eyes3513


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