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semi-grimdark27661 artist:jake heritagu901 lord tirek4654 sci-twi21755 twilight sparkle280072 alicorn191392 pony828409 unicorn258482 comic:spiraling together41 alternate hairstyle23879 alternate universe8841 blood22274 bowl1427 comic100213 crying39674 female881478 flashback940 lesbian91386 magic64642 magic drain126 shipping181733 silhouette2336 sunjackspiral41 telekinesis24153 tissue523 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113884 twitwi139 twolight1038 water11080


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3 comments posted

This universe is kind of fucked.

We have a Sunset with a hole in her head.

Sci-Twi stuck in pony world.

A magicless Princess Twilight.

A still manipulative/underhanded Glimmer.

And it's practically the apocalypse

So lemme get this right? Tierk stole twilight magic? And pinkie married and had a kid with him…o_o pinkie what the actual fucking shit?!?! This shit keeps getting darker bruh >.<