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With the townsponies no longer afraid of her, Zecora’s trips to Ponyville have improved considerably. Next to doing her shopping like everypony else, she no longer has to hide under her cloak. This has been especially beneficial during the hotter times of the day and in the summer. She does wonder why the shops have discounts whenever it’s hot, though.
suggestive142854 artist:marrazan96 artist:xwhyohwhyx16 color edit7657 edit132376 zecora9355 zebra17697 anthro259925 unguligrade anthro48313 big breasts81952 breasts277384 busty zecora1193 cloak4279 clothes459092 colored19451 erect nipples10705 female1361740 huge breasts38254 hyper10354 hyper breasts4671 impossibly large breasts16758 nipple outline7507 ponyville5834 solo1063107 solo female179594 wandering nipples24


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