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safe1946987 discord34520 king sombra15808 lord tirek5805 mean applejack287 mean fluttershy255 mean pinkie pie229 mean rainbow dash215 mean rarity288 mean twilight sparkle916 pony of shadows561 queen chrysalis38739 starlight glimmer54722 sunset shimmer71600 tempest shadow18169 alicorn269930 centaur4097 changeling57652 changeling queen20832 draconequus16504 earth pony351084 pegasus395434 pony1296761 unicorn434357 the mean 61797 antagonist2106 broken horn14979 clone3217 cloven hooves12592 evil rainbow dash146 female1580074 male450966 mare604483 mean six82 meme88417 raised hoof58661 rearing6645 spread wings73233 stallion145782 wings169231


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S.Daniel Pie 2

Elder God tier: Tempest Shadow  
Great tier: Pony of Shadows  
High tier: Starlight Glimmer & Sunset Shimmer  
Mid tier: Mean Six  
Low tier: Discord & Queen Chrysalis  
Very low tier: King Sombra & Lord Tirek

the weirdest wingboner
Wouldn’t it make more sense to rate opponents from most difficult to fatality/friendship to least difficult? That’d put Tirek, and Sombra at the top with 1000+ years and counting of fighting friendship, Discord, Nightmare Moon, and Pony of Shadows in second teir with 1000+ years but finally friendshiped, Chysalys in the <1000 years but still not friended teir, Starlight, Sunset, and Tempest in 4th teir as easiest freinds (Starlight at top of this tier for taking longest to befreint in the teir), and The Mean 6 arent even villains really, they’re like a spell or something.

World's Smallest Violin
  1. Could be said of practically every villain.  
  2. He did. They wouldnt let him.  
  3. He felt inadequate.  
  4. Because Starswirl was a dick. Im pretty sure the episode made it clear. And see #2.
Evil Emperor Proteus

Master of Science
So why is the Pony of Shadows in Great Tier?
  1. Exists for no reason.  
  2. Stygian could have just explained what he was doing but didn’t because no reason.  
  3. Stygian could have asked his compatriots for their help but didn’t because no reason.  
  4. The Pillars could have asked Stygian what he was actually doing, but they didn’t, because no reason, and Stygian gave no argument for no reason.  
  5. What were the shadows?
    It wasn’t even a matter of “the situation they find themselves in”, everyone was just stupid and things happened(or didn’t happen) for no reason and then the Pony of Shadows happened.
Background Pony #D647
I’d just like to know why the Storm King isn’t on here. Do I even need to ask where he goes?
Background Pony #DBC1
So, a villain who was willing to raid all of Equestria, turn their rules into stone and probably enslave all it’s citizen because she lost the equivalent of a finger and was ostracized by two fillies in her childhood is “Elder God Tier” now?
Background Pony #192E
Starlight and Sunset Shimmer were bad villains though. Sunset’s plan was extremely basic and Starlight’s plan made no sense and she was terrible at running a society.
The Pony of Shadow’s only happened because the writers wrote everyone being stupid. Starswirl never asked why Stygian was doing his ritual, and Stygian never bothered to explain his actions or simply ask the others for their help. They didn’t even explain what the Darkness was.
Crimson Prose
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

Gore Fics For Fun
I’d put Sunset at the bottom one honestly. There were no misdeeds done to her and she sure didn’t seek to change society. Her goal was to take over Equestria for ‘reasons’.