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safe1709567 artist:jhayarr231227 mean applejack263 mean fluttershy232 mean pinkie pie203 mean rainbow dash190 mean rarity263 mean twilight sparkle734 alicorn225059 earth pony249862 pegasus292965 pony970615 unicorn324722 the mean 61668 clone2795 clone six61 cutie mark47806 dummy75 evil applejack41 evil fluttershy51 evil grin4425 evil pinkie pie31 evil rainbow dash111 evil rarity51 evil twilight396 female1365954 grin38682 looking at you169167 mane six31951 mare482127 mean six75 simple background394513 smiling249384 transparent background202820 vector76989


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Background Pony #1A6E
I bet your the ones who made a deal with davoth and Khan myker for equestrias conquest and earths destruction well that's not going to happen I'm not going to let you knock offs win
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

2 PWNYZ in 1
Evening Star.
Party Pooper.
Sour Apples.

Still got nothing for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash…
Does anyone, anyone at all, see where I'm going with these?
Background Pony #0CCA
Twihighlight Sparkle
Bodysnatcher Pinkmena
Teenage Dash
Background Pony #7230
Rainbow Dawn's cutie mark is upside down and her mane and tail have reverse colours

I’m curious as to why the felt the need to make Applejack’s dopple so different. Did they feel the audience would get confused?