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4/12 - “I wanna lick her pussy”
Sketch done by bluedrg19 - Source

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  1. Milky Way  
  2. Twilight Sparkle  
  3. Princess Celestia  
  4. [you are here]  
  5. Princess Celestia 2  
  6. Milky Way 2
explicit404242 artist:bluedrg19292 artist:mercurial64371 color edit8295 edit152238 fluttershy233455 pegasus383641 pony1269494 anatomically correct28636 anus114290 colored21628 dock59585 female1557011 flexible2374 flutterbutt6443 looking at you207798 nudity437576 ponut52781 presenting28568 raised tail20019 solo1227570 solo female201913 stupid sexy fluttershy1387 tail58438 the ass was fat17795 vagina52394 vulva154246


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I just unfed from this. I love flexibility poses so much, especially when they show the muscle culture. The way the artist rotated her pelvis relative to her legs is beautiful. This is the correct form to stretch the hamstring muscles.