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(This picture was taken during a meetup with the members of a Malaysian brony club, after watching the pony movie)
safe1768262 photographer:horsesplease117 applejack174678 boyle171 capper dapperpaws1638 captain celaeno1198 fluttershy218903 grubber866 haven bay36 mullet (character)152 pinkie pie221721 princess skystar2115 queen novo1456 rainbow dash240192 rarity187114 salina blue43 songbird serenade1259 storm king1225 tempest shadow17097 twilight sparkle308252 abyssinian1326 alicorn235887 earth pony273775 parrot pirates438 pegasus315921 pony1028212 unicorn349885 anthro272784 my little pony: the movie19555 anthro with ponies2729 book34953 irl72166 malaysia249 male393539 mane six32849 merchandise4519 photo82174 pirate2497 toy22559 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127071


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