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safe1708071 artist:agrol713 mean applejack263 mean fluttershy232 mean pinkie pie203 mean rainbow dash190 mean rarity263 mean twilight sparkle734 queen chrysalis34826 alicorn224754 changeling47729 earth pony249370 pegasus292415 pony969184 unicorn324113 the mean 61668 animated98712 clone2793 cutie mark47761 evil rainbow dash111 fangs25395 female1364637 gif31078 horn67498 mare481437 mean six75 open mouth146175 pointy ponies3388 simple background394016 smiling248934 teeth9819 wings107673 wood767


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Background Pony #C263
I mean, Evil Twilight would've worked if Chrysalis had just cloned her instead of all of them.

Kinda shot herself in the foot…