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safe2199563 artist:tcn1205442 mean applejack314 mean fluttershy283 mean pinkie pie259 mean rainbow dash240 mean rarity311 mean twilight sparkle974 queen chrysalis42637 alicorn319864 changeling67200 changeling queen24310 pony1630093 g42055505 season 83271 the mean 61918 clone3526 clone six66 dummy93 evil rainbow dash156 evil smile6577 female1831349 forest15975 grin64071 looking at you265223 mare759576 mean six90 smiling406544


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I personally enjoyed the episode. However I see it as wasted potential since we never actually have both teams fight it out.
I actually loved that about it. I mean Chrysalis plan was a total failure to the extent that the Mane 6 didn’t even know they Mean 6 existed. Hell they didn’t even know Chrysalis was there. I just found that hilarious.
Also just seeing that the Tree of Harmony is just ruthless when it comes to dealing with them was awesome!
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If we can’t take their love from them, then we shall ruin what love they have left for their heroines!