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i’ve had this in mind for week, even months but just wanted to think about it some more before drawing it out.  
the title pretty much says it all, Celestia talking to the viewer (being you) while you spend some time (the night) with her. i myself would love to spend a night with her.  
what would you like to do with her if you were with ol’ Celly?
suggestive170109 artist:killerteddybear94261 princess celestia104131 alicorn269666 anthro309790 adorasexy11222 bathrobe1605 breasts335849 bronybait3198 busty princess celestia12034 cleavage40271 clothes549389 cute231829 cutelestia3950 dialogue78597 dress52839 female1578787 flashing1570 frilly underwear4692 giggling1012 lingerie12215 looking at you212223 mare603683 momlestia fuel122 nightgown1699 open mouth193020 panties56746 pink underwear4472 playful372 ribbon8076 robe4291 sexy36709 skirt47207 skirt lift5124 smiling323374 solo1245561 solo female204286 spread wings73137 stupid sexy celestia1859 talking to viewer4119 traditional art130028 underwear69649 wings168959


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Background Pony #F0C4
Personally, I’d love cuddles and kisses, leading into some naughty fun preferably with Tia as a gentle, loving, motherly Dom (though she’s three of those four things anyway), followed by brief nude cuddles and kisses, ending with us dozing off in the afterglow.
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I’ve been asking myself that when I was drawing that bit out. but I guess as Nittany Discord says, snuggle wuggles are super cuddles.