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“I’ll never forgive you for what you did.” Flash said to Twilight while Dusk was sleeping.
“At least don’t take it out on him. He did nothing wrong, and loves you!” SHe responded, clearly pissed at his behavior. After Gal had been born, Flash had completely ignored Dusk, and babied Gal. He has made is obvious that he favored Gal.
“I don’t need his love, and He will never be my son. Galaxy is my only child.” He retorted. He then went to Gal and took her for ice cream. Twilight watched this fuming.
“Mommy? Where is daddy?” Dusk asked sleepily.
“He took Gal out.”
“Again? Why won’t he spend time with me? Doesn’t he love me?” He had sat down, and was starting to cry.
“How about we go read a book, and eat some cookie dough ice cream!”
“Okay Mommy!”

safe2197174 artist:amellia-rose23 flash sentry15164 twilight sparkle361010 alicorn319319 pegasus507224 pony1627625 kindverse854 g42053006 female1828471 implied infidelity517 looking at each other35270 male559253 ship:flashlight3316 shipping257443 simple background608904 story included13261 straight181725 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150750 white background166403


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I agree. Good artwork.
Honestly I think the situation is alright(Twilight having a foal with another stallion for whatever reason and drama that arises from that), but personally I don’t see Flash taking it out on the foal. I think he would mostly struggle with how he feels about Twilight and what she did.
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They should b happy instead of mad at each other. Both twilights and both flash sentry’s belong with each other
Background Pony #0AC6
Twilight and flash belong together, they would never behave so cruel like this
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I’m sorry but that is just unnecessarily mean. No reason to think the character would act like that or that Twilight would put up with such a pony.