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midget horse momentarily lacks foresight
suggestive136803 artist:wenni230 oc653042 oc only431903 oc:whinny62 bow27105 clothes441204 dialogue62824 female1318550 hair bow14668 hoodie13272 imminent anal306 jojo's bizarre adventure2709 mare456756 meme80650 monochrome146711 not foalcon90 open mouth136539 sepia313 solo1030934 taunting255 tempting fate158 this will end in pain1867 this will end in rape150 to be continued (meme)59 vulgar20114


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Pit Lord
@Background Pony #C4C9
Oh damn, I never noticed fillies having more catchlights in their eyes. I always figured it was character/scene dependent and kinda just draw an arbitrary amount. That or I probably forgot sometime between 2012 and when I started drawing. Thanks for pointing that out, gonna keep it in mind 🤔
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