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This is never going away.

safe2174374 artist:x-saltedfish39 edit172994 edited screencap90454 screencap295726 starlight glimmer59991 pony1602508 unicorn537935 g42028916 marks for effort1333 animated126024 chocolate4592 coffee4996 coffee mug1973 drink8740 drinking5145 duality5440 empathy cocoa249 faic14890 female1802718 floppy ears72982 food101297 gif48734 glowing horn29135 guidance counselor102 horn190463 hot chocolate1708 hypnotic111 i mean i see564 levitation16249 magic96625 mare741049 meme93893 mirrored273 mug6312 perfect loop2228 school of friendship1774 self ponidox10368 starlight's office477 telekinesis39060 unitinu177 wat21819


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I, Da Witchfinder

Give G5 A Chance
“STARLIGHT! Your glass is full.”  
“Oh, sorry.”
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>this is never going away
Got that right. This, along with TwiFace and “You’re going to love me” is going to be one of the meme faces that keeps getting brought up, years after the episode aired.
Background Pony #EFCA
Right Starlight: “ihh I don’t want to trink that your spit is inside!”  
Left Starlight: “It’s also your spit!”
Background Pony #265C
Still not seamless. If you look closely, you can see where the cup basically breaks itself.
I saw it too; still a good effort.