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Keep abusing him, and you'll be downvoted. Otherwise, I'll fix it for you.

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Actually I love all spike episodes like dragon quest,power ponies,and yes even spike at your service because it was really nice to see spike and applejack have an episode together plus after that episode I shipped them both so much after watching it. But that's not my all time favorite. My all time favorite has to be The Equestria Games because it's the kind of spike episode that we need, an episode that has the ponies being there for him and twilight telling spike that he shouldn't just give up and be brave and not get embarrassed. And this is the prime example of why I love spike so much.
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Congrats editor, your "fix" is "winning" with only negative five score (by the time this post is posted) cf. original.
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To all those broines that hate spike:Lights out
You're talking too loud
So just shut your mouth
Who the fuck are you now?
Lights out
Can you feel it now?
We're calling you out
Who the fuck are you now?

Please tell me someone knows what song I'm referencing.
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Me:Spike I have one thing to say.
Me: We are young. But we have heart. Born in this world as it all falls apart.
Spike: Hey I know that song by hollywood undead right.
Me: Yep!

Literally my favorite band ever
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I can appreciate the sentiment here, but this isn't going to stop the duck that keeps posting that stuff.

This sort of stuff is just going to encourage him to fight back. Ignore the quacking and block his pics, let him shout into the void until he's hoarse and sees that nobody, least of all the showrunners, care what he thinks about Spike.

I mean, it's pretty obvious at this point whose side the writers are on anyway.