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Next up in the ponified meme series: the Trumpet Boy meme featuring Twilight and Pinkie!

If you haven't seen this meme yet floating around on Twitter, Tumblr, or Reddit, basically some photo of a boy blowing a trumpet right next to a girl covering her ears circulated the net and people either put text over the characters to make a joke or they would go the extra mile and pseudo-animate the boy using the scale tool. Really all they are doing is screen-recording while they scale, rotate, skew, warp, or distort it and it looks like it's moving. There have been some pretty creative things people have done with it. Just look up "Trumpet Boy" on YouTube and you'll get some silly results. XD
safe1751157 artist:aleximusprime1532 pinkie pie220268 twilight sparkle306234 alicorn232964 earth pony266197 pony1011174 :t3867 annoyed5602 bipedal36230 covering ears109 derp6918 drum kit254 drums1090 eyes closed98161 female1402426 frown23581 glare8303 happy32196 hoof hold8619 in which pinkie pie forgets how to gravity136 keyboard1191 mare502460 meme83396 microphone5329 multeity2289 musical instrument11810 open mouth154527 piano1124 pinkie being pinkie1320 pinkie physics456 puffy cheeks3969 smiling261177 too much pink energy is dangerous316 trumpet295 trumpet boy12 twilight is not amused1520 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126215 unamused16762 upside down5739 wide eyes17401 wing hands2144 yamaha22


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Background Pony #8B6C

Then why do some people still reference memes from 10 years ago? I see people still doing that all the damn time so they clearly haven't forgotten. They still live on, they're just more powerful at the moment they start to trend.
Background Pony #8B6C

Memes never die. PewDiePie doesn't kill the memes in "Meme Review", he just brings awareness to them. :P