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Twilight: Are you getting cold, Fizzle?  
Tempest: I suppose  
Tempest: …….  
Twilight: Are you… enjoying yourself?  
Tempest: Yes, certainly… yet, I feel a bit weird  
Twilight: …. How so?  
Tempest: … Well… You see princess, it’s nostalgia  
Twilight: Nostaliga?  
Tempest: From when I was a filly, before the “incident”, I used to spend time with my friends wrapped in a scarf just like this, we talked about the landscape, covered in snow, ice and pretty lights. I haven’t don this from a long, long time…….  
Twilight: …….  
Tempest: Oh!… Please princess, don’t let that story ruin your mood-  
Twilight: No, no… It didn’t, It actually reminded me of how precious the time spend whit your family and friends is, around the holidays  
Twilight: ….  
Twilight: I’ll tell you what  
Twilight: How about you and me go gather the others, and we will celebrate Hearth’s Warming Eve together  
Tempest: It sounds good  
Twilight: Then we’re off!!!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! Hope you all had an awesome holiday, lots of fun and gifts. And hey! look, it didn’t took me two weeks to upload this time, hope I’ll continue to do so!

safe2198866 artist:valo-son25 tempest shadow19107 twilight sparkle361264 alicorn319699 pony1629350 unicorn550294 g42055091 my little pony: the movie21510 christmas21172 clothes645278 cloven hooves16925 duo179168 duo female33890 eye scar6129 female1830478 glowing horn29568 hearth's warming1231 holiday35435 horn204393 hug38172 leonine tail14486 looking at each other35321 magic98016 mare758859 not shipping165 ponyville8044 raised hoof71559 scar16757 scarf32500 shared clothing913 shared scarf809 sitting94397 snow19856 snowfall6247 story included13272 telekinesis39670 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150837 winghug3953


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