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Full Service Playing Cards Series 1 Double E:  
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(Note: These are physical playing cards, and can be mixed and matched with cards from Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and eventually Series 4, because they all have the same back image. :D)
(Note 2: Series 1 Double E is an ‘Enhanced Edition’ of Series 1, a complete redrawing of 52 original cards from the original set and two brand new ones!)
Sometimes, you just gotta be a sweaty, muscular, freckly, hat-wearin’ country applebottom girl.
Whaddyou mean you can’t relate of course you can!
Looks like her and Applebloom have matching panties. :3c

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suggestive173127 artist:lil miss jay2558 applejack187890 anthro316091 full service playing cards292 abs13954 absolute cleavage4728 apple19127 applebucking thighs2369 applejacked1439 bedroom eyes72629 belly button95825 boob freckles1439 breasts343668 cleavage41023 clothes559846 daisy dukes1609 female1604747 food87833 freckles36552 front knot midriff1563 gloves25378 hat109063 holding4390 lidded eyes39085 looking at you217404 midriff21766 muscles15885 muscular female3210 open fly278 panties57672 raised eyebrow7948 red underwear1449 ribbon8259 ripping clothes953 scar14488 shorts17223 shoulder freckles1313 smiling331677 smirk15882 solo1269407 solo female207770 standing18192 suspenders680 sweat33683 underwear70904 unzipped376 wide hips24569


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Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
I look at her muscles and I already imagine crushed pelvises.
As much as I’d truly love to have a full set of all four series of cards…money is rather tight for me.
Tell me about it. Financial issues are the worst part of adulthood.

One of many services
As much as I’d truly love to have a full set of all four series of cards…money is rather tight for me.