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Full Service Playing Cards Series 1 Double E:

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(Note: These are physical playing cards, and can be mixed and matched with cards from Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and eventually Series 4, because they all have the same back image. :D)

(Note 2: Series 1 Double E is an ‘Enhanced Edition’ of Series 1, a complete redrawing of 52 original cards from the original set and two brand new ones!)

Applebapple didn’t really have a ton of character development back when Series 1 was made, and we were all under the impression that construction was her special talent even in spite of the fact that she couldn’t put together a table in Fluttershy’s house.

So it feels good to explore Bloom’s more developed trait of Alchemy, which could in turn result in a really fun episode about chemically enhanced apples!

Just so you know, Applebloom’s apples are non-GMO.

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suggestive142982 artist:lil miss jay2495 apple bloom49495 anthro260197 full service playing cards290 abs11146 absolute cleavage3477 big breasts82065 breasts277686 busty apple bloom1752 cleavage34568 clothes459579 cutie mark47721 female1363011 floppy ears52314 gloves20087 goggles14058 lab coat2185 lidded eyes30704 older26705 older apple bloom2115 open clothes2703 panties50225 potion2152 red underwear1364 ribbon7080 solo1064163 tentacles11800 the cmc's cutie marks4760 underwear60837


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That is not properly compliant splash resistant lab safely gear, young lady. How are you going to deal with accidental discharges of biological fluids?