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safe1946115 artist:richard-skip24 rainbow dash257172 pony1295780 absurd resolution70703 chase963 crossover68402 darth vader329 female1579366 flying46507 laser1045 millenium falcon34 solo1246048 spaceship973 star destroyer32 star wars3525 starfighter65 tie fighter51 x-wing56


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Background Pony #AA04
His past matters not with him anymore, he had that past self of his concealed in a shell of darkness, and Vader knows when one is considered arrogant, he never takes tolerance when it comes to arrogance, the reason he choked some officer for boasting about his technological terror he constructed.
Background Pony #AA04
@Rainbow Dash  
Sure, except she hadn’t reached the speed of light, not yet, nope, and no chance in a million years she will, and all of the ships in Star Wars are basically that speed out of their planet, and plus if Rainbow could travel and enter hyperspace she’d come out as pieces in 3 different systems, very dangerous. And regardless on planet or not any ship can hop into hyperspace as long as their trajectory isn’t on any solid surface that might cause catastrophic destruction.
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Vader lost that weakness when he turned into the awesome badass of the original trilogy.
That is what he wants us to think.
Also, I didn’t know Rainbow Dash could speak fish.
Dory is omnilingual.