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safe1617556 artist:doublewbrothers454 pinkie pie207676 earth pony216639 human146652 pony885235 :o3520 animated94243 boop6973 cute186594 diapinkes9160 eyes closed84259 female1287629 frame by frame3857 frown21853 gif28881 gradient background11307 hand8133 happy28870 holding a pony2714 in goliath's palm240 mare440156 micro8553 my tiny pony6 nose wrinkle2882 open mouth130166 ponk942 smiling224944 solo focus15747 squigglevision301 tiny ponies1361 weapons-grade cute3381


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Background Pony #5A16
Now do this with Twilight Sparkle, Startlight Glimmer, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity.