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Yesterday has been proven to be quite a disastrous day for you

Not only did you have to deal with more than usual obnoxious customers during your part time job, you also have to suffer from an inpromptu overtime because of a problem that wasn't even your fault and you got your pay cut off for the month as well because of it. Talk about a consecutive list of unfortunate events.

Fortunately for you, today was the weekend and your day off and you're more than glad to spend the whole day sleeping and doing nothing.

At least, that was the plan if it weren't for your lover disturbing your bubble of tranquility early in the morning.

Without any warning, you found your vision suddenly assaulted by bright light when she tore the curtains aside and letting morning sunlight easily slip through into your previous pitch-black bedroom.

"Good morning, Anon!" She greeted cheerfully, oblivious to your utter discontent. "Its time to wake up! You promise to make me tacos for breakfast today, remember?"

There was a momentary pause before you find yourself sighing. As tempted as you were to oblige on your objective of doing nothing, you simply couldn't ignore Sonata Dusk when she was this eager.

Especially when it involves tacos.


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