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I really, really liked the Celestia I came up with yesterday, so today, I made a character sheet for her. I somehow got it in my head that she's like a desert sorceress in battle, probably carries a sword at all times while we're at it. One hand of fire, the other of steel, The sun goddess of the oasis.
Still not sure how I feel about the dress/skirt thing she's got on her hips. I think I might make that a white of some kind and make it transparent when next I draw her. She may also get shoes, but I drew those fucking toes goddamn it, so barefoot she stays.

Full Details:

Celestia Iscandor, Princess of the Iscan Empire

Class: Princess (Prf Physical weapon, all types of magic)

Weapon types: Swords

Magic: All (Light, Anima, Dark)

Affinity: Light

Age: 25

Height: 6’6"

Weight: 196lbs

Bust: E (Definitely gonna hurt her back later in life)

Homeland: Solaris Desert, northern Isca

Habits: Often looking for a fight. Any kind of battle, be it physical, magical, or some kind of game.

Mentality: Adult swelling with pride for her family, her country and her own prowess. Quick to challenge dissenters.

Weakness: Very, very prideful. She will not take injustice where she sees it while she still breathes and is very much a noble soul, just like her father. She strives to emulate the king, probably a little too much and with less tact. Very smart but slightly naïve due to sheltered up-bringing. Terrible at basic house work and ‘girly things’ as she likes to say. Sore loser.

Likes: Loves to win, at anything and everything. Likes to cook (but will tell no one)


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