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Commission for Flashman07
Its that time of year again, and the sisters are all hot and ready to breed! Problem is however, there’s only one dick to go around. Who will u choose? Pick carefully!!!
explicit403602 artist:aer0 zer0998 boulder (pet)1387 limestone pie5535 marble pie7343 maud pie13690 pinkie pie234516 earth pony338616 pony1266808 anal piercing106 anatomically correct28561 angry31581 anus114061 balloonbutt5208 big crotchboobs5046 blushing230999 both cutie marks12195 boulder buns365 butt155396 clitoris33037 clothes540250 crotchboobs24789 dialogue77031 dock59477 drool29075 drool string6742 ear piercing33998 earring26153 estrus1950 female1554578 females only14680 fraternal twins53 genital fashion280 genital piercing1961 gritted teeth15677 grumpy2890 huge crotchboobs4550 implied anon820 implied straight5900 implied tail hole919 impossibly large crotchboobs4436 jewelry85997 line-up1125 lip bite13320 looking at you207353 looking back70698 looking back at you21510 marblebutt228 mare588138 nipples202856 nudity436816 open mouth187524 panties56123 pie sisters1385 pie twins177 piercing51258 plot106529 plotline372 ponut52674 presenting28529 raised tail19970 siblings13518 sisters11904 smiling315396 tail58077 text72698 the ass was fat17750 thong6842 tongue out123825 twins2624 ultra widescreen30 underwear68804 vaginal secretions45229 vulva153897 vulvar winking14284


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Changeling Guard-Consort
I feel like the correct choice is Boulder.
Certainly seems the safest choice given the circumstance.
Background Pony #BB1D
I feel like i can be able to do all the four of them in a row.  
When it comes to the “Pies”, my stamina doesn’t know limits.
Background Pony #93B5
Lemme see…
My dick will go for Maud.  
Lefty will mend Marble.  
My mouth will eat out Ponk.  
And Righty shall tame Limey.