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Name: Honeybelle
Nickname(s): Belle, Honey
Parents: Uncle and Aunt Orange
Personality: Charming, Hardworking, Good Sense of Humor, Huge Flirt, Snooty at times
Special Talent: Raising Orange Trees
Role/Job: Farmhand, Orange Merchant at the Ponyville Outdoor Market


- After Applejack left them and with no children of their own, the Oranges fell into a have case of empty nest syndrome. The Oranges tried for years to get pregnant to no avail, until finally like a gift from the heavens, Aunt Orange was pregnant. Honeybelle is the firstborn and only child of Aunt and Uncle Orange—named after Uncle Orange's grandmother.

- Growing up Honeybelle had her parents wrapped around her hoof, her friends couldn't understand why she never exploited that fact… it just wasn't in her nature. Honeybelle had trouble coming to terms with having butlers and maid wait on her left and right and never really having to work for anything. So after heavy consideration from the foal he told her parents she wanted to go stay with her Apple cousins in Ponyville. Honeybelle's choice was hard on Aunt and Uncle Orange but they knew that they needed to put their daughter's happiness above their own so with plenty of tears and kisses goodbye they put her on the next train to Ponyville.

- At first Honeybelle was homesick but stuck to her guns and thanks to exchanging letters daily with her folks she started thriving. She had a knack for taking care of the apple trees with her cousin Bailey Sweet so as a birthday gift Applejack surprised the filly with her very own orange tree to take care of, which as it turned out helped Honeybelle discover her special talent.

- Still to this day, she writes to/visits her parents every chance she gets. She even trained her Baltimore Oriole , Mandarin, to carry her letters personally to her parents' doorstep after that one time a month's worth of letters disappeared in the mail. Honeybelle is working towards getting the Orange name back out there, and not just known for being snooty Manehatten elites.


I lightened her coat color to better match the original adopt—other than that she's stayed the same
It isn't canon (yet) that Babs Seed and her sister are the daughters of Aunt and Uncle Orange so here's a baby Orange
((The beauty mark is on her left cheek only))

Honeybelle belongs to me
Dolling by me
Adopted from sadlamb
Base belongs to ShiiBases w/ original art by Faith-Wolff
Cutie Mark Reference


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