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explicit403729 artist:lumineko2863 apple bloom55243 big macintosh30764 scootaloo54597 sugar belle3483 sweetie belle52462 earth pony338924 pony1267489 unicorn420605 season 82009 the break up breakdown745 spoiler:s081620 69 position3130 analingus2887 analingus on female935 anus114103 apple18522 bedroom eyes69982 bisexual6122 blushing231077 clitoris33044 cmc threesome331 comic121016 creampie36963 creampie-eating284 cum90761 cumming26839 cunnilingus10924 cutie mark crusaders20497 dirty2036 dock59494 doubleingus59 drool29089 eyes closed115236 facial9317 female1555180 filly80937 floppy ears62332 foalcon20010 food83862 fork1047 freckles34796 hay1779 hoof hold10299 horsecock83027 indirect incest33 lesbian106556 licking23439 looking at each other26206 male442035 mare588507 medial ring8453 nudity436985 on back28596 open mouth187710 oral55983 penetration71091 penis181048 ponut52692 prone29901 scootabelle535 sex143357 shipping224785 sitting75462 smiling315625 spread legs23709 spreading23920 stallion141328 straight155181 sugarbetes218 sugarmac911 sweat32111 sweetiebloom352 sweetiebloomaloo334 sweetiemac183 that pony sure does love creampies48 that was fast1416 tongue out123873 vaginal47322 vaginal secretions45244 vulva153954 vulvar winking14288 wavy mouth4557 wide eyes18483


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You went and fucked Sugar Belle when you could have stayed and plowed two more underage pussies, one of which is your sister? What a nut.
Officer Hotpants
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Well. Glad to know I’m not the only one so hopelessly corrupted that they thought “kinky” when they heard Sweetie Belle’s little line about her “two special ponies”.
Daybreak Ponii
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Undiscovered Musician
Yes! This episode was probably the most lewd it could could have been! Even at the end. I couldn’t be the only one to have gotten that message, right?
Background Pony #58DF
Oh Lumi. Knowing just how to appeal to us all during a Hearts and Hooves Day episode. My dick appreciates the hard work.
Background Pony #FD40
i knew there was something missing in the first one  
this is pure genius!