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Finished it :3

Lewd Emotions!

suggestive148342 artist:zwitterkitsune711 princess celestia96800 alicorn233046 anthro269724 adorasexy10136 afterglow1693 ahegao25652 arm behind head6799 armpits43406 bedroom eyes61411 big breasts86092 blushing204809 blushing profusely2125 breasts288895 busty princess celestia10598 clothes476321 crown17976 cute205808 cutelestia3675 dialogue68076 dialogue box121 drool25734 drool string5872 emotions273 evening gloves8649 excessive vocalizations109 eyeshadow16593 female1402745 flirting1516 gloves20969 hand on shoulder358 huge breasts40062 implied sex6190 jewelry68435 lewd emotions51 long gloves6171 looking at you175838 makeup22846 male388344 meme83409 necklace20544 offscreen character35755 offscreen sex134 open mouth154608 orgasm12276 praise the sun2088 regalia21173 sexy30720 softcore2302 solo1095027 solo female183732 straight140417 talking6167 talking to viewer2938 tongue out108357 undressing5356


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Praise The Sun.

Hello Houston, we have officially reached nutting potential that can finally get us past the moon and beyond safely without the use of fuel. Just powered by sheer nut force. Or as we have defined it: NPI (Nuts per inch.)

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Now if only we could get some full images of those emotions. Specifically stimulated and climax