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Description from source:
The road is now ours

(This one has been waiting for almost three years to be submitted…)


Oh how exciting this was going to be !

For the very first time, Ember offered Lila to accompany him on one of his trip to visit a brand new center park including fully equiped little cottages hidden in the forest. The perfect place to relax and provide a restful and inspirational stay in the nature. Of course, the tourism agency he's working for asked him to go and check on the service's quality of the place. The travel would be long this time and the love between the two ponies started to grow strong. Ember simply felt desperate to leave his sweet mate behind for weeks.

And here they are, traveling side by side to the wild road to Back to Roots. Enjoying every second of this trip and the majectic wild landscapes around them. Lila being over-excited by all the wonders of a nature she's never took the time to contemplate at ease. Feeling good and like there's no other place she'd like to be at the moment. The beauty of the mountain, the water as pure as crystal, the fresh air and her lover along her side. What more could she ask for ? All the inspiration, all the incredibleness, so much to describe here, so much to imagine, all the stories who could have taken place on the wildness of this far away untouched by ponies country.

If Lila was falling under the country's charm, for Ember, there was nothing more pleasant and charming to see here but the mare's enthusiasm and delight.
You may easily guess why the travel took them a bit longer than expected.


This is the first of many many other travels for those two. <3


drew this incredible piece for us !
Ember is Fluttershyspy.
Lila is Little-shewolf9.
safe1658123 artist:ruhje85 oc654930 oc only432699 oc:ember tempest5 oc:lila hope6 pegasus273147 pony922466 unicorn303771 backpack1882 commission63458 female1321255 freckles27336 hiking50 lake1488 looking at each other18914 male357111 mare458117 mountain4857 oc x oc14688 saddle bag5604 scenery7783 shipping193954 stallion102698 straight131813 walking4514


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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

oh, that's a pretty lake! and the ponies look so happy! they really fit well in the scene, though the dirt path could be a little less textured to closer match them.