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It’s really hard to believe she’s an antagonist.
safe1920335 screencap251870 apple bloom55247 cozy glow8608 pipsqueak2975 scootaloo54601 sweetie belle52468 earth pony339021 pegasus382998 pony1267759 marks for effort1262 animated110118 coat markings8273 colt17341 cozybetes1356 cute228489 cutie mark crusaders20501 female1555434 filly80957 foal25516 kite882 male442112 new scary villain1 pinto313 shy5075


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With the saying a Pegasus that can fly is to come in handy when pipsqueak was feeling sad as his kite was caught in a tree when cozy glow and the CMC came by when scootaloo pointed to cozy glow to fly up and rescue the kite when she brought it down to pipsqueak not before a strong gust ripped the kite out of their hands when cozy glow is to go after the kite when she was roughed up after rescuing the kite from a bush.