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safe1974157 screencap263976 applejack187973 gallus8451 ocellus6394 rainbow dash259615 sandbar6470 silverstream7319 smolder10317 yona6119 changedling10445 changeling58518 dragon72361 earth pony362707 griffon32939 pegasus407956 pony1326530 yak5865 non-compete clause836 applejack's hat11939 butt180034 buttstuck440 cowboy hat21986 displeased156 dragoness12145 female1605900 gallus is not amused199 hat109153 how embarrassing23 idiot79 male460810 mare619683 monkey swings1615 plot116598 silly8246 silly pony3290 so ridiculous it's funny19 stetson5525 stuck3346 stuck between trees25 student six1990 teenaged dragon1395 teenager5930 tied tail89 unamused20702 yona is not amused80


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Leading up to how applejack and rainbow dash got wedged between the trees caught the attention of the student six when those wonder if Yona was to charge at the pair to free them.