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She’s no a morning person…

What did you thought? that i forgot about my bae?

Not in this lifetime

Also testing a few brushes and pens that i downloaded from CSP, what do you guys think?
suggestive136870 artist:nayaasebeleguii435 sunset shimmer60850 oc653426 oc:anon11376 equestria girls193310 ass46800 barefoot26524 bed39238 bunset shimmer1627 casual nudity6389 cross-popping veins1533 dialogue62865 engagement ring177 face down ass up7827 faceplant653 feet38125 female1319124 male356288 nudity355673 offscreen character32501 ring2869 sleeping22751 sleeping in the nude427 solo focus16235 speech bubble22074 waking up793


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Well, her name would imply she's a sunset person anyway, so it fits.

I'd let her sleep in, though. Too lovable to force too much.