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Bit of a collaborated animated thing between me and https://besttubahorse.tumblr.com/
It was a pleasure to work with you, Cake! Hope we can do more stuff again!
suggestive167546 artist:secretgoombaman123451359 artist:worstsousaphonehorse106 edit152098 edited screencap77087 screencap251857 beaude mane107 joan pommelway86 twilight sparkle326982 earth pony338989 pony1267688 unicorn420714 the saddle row review1508 absurd file size2457 absurd gif size386 animated110109 belly34107 belly expansion693 bingo wings3141 burger2215 chubby cheeks4645 discovery family logo11887 eating11226 fat25247 food83870 gif38350 glowing horn24251 growth6746 jiggle2127 magic83769 obese13294 ponies eating meat1119 restaurant839 scene interpretation9698 smiling315670 stuffed1896 stuffing1373 telekinesis32809 that pony sure does love burgers240 twilard sparkle1540 twilight burgkle574 unicorn twilight24216 weight gain5013


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I’ll have 2 number 9’s,  
A number 9 large,  
A number 6 with extra dip,  
A number 7,  
2 number 45s, 1 with cheese,  
And a large soda.
black sun 89
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It would be a great idea that twilight would travel into another dimension and you would meet her massive or that she makes herself massive as an experiment with magic and runs around like that for a couple of months
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never big enough
@Background Pony #1454  
“For the last time, I’m not fat! I bought a treadmill and everything.”  
“You do realize you need to actually use it in order for it to work.”  
“And waste all my time running and going nowhere? Why would I do that?”
Background Pony #3933
Yep. I sit around all the time, drink tons of soda, eat a lot of junk food and have never been overweight.