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suggestive137147 artist:lumineko2783 applejack165926 fluttershy207538 gallus6479 ocellus5070 rainbow dash228442 sandbar5281 silverstream5919 smolder7551 yona4933 classical hippogriff4762 griffon26067 hippogriff9239 pony922845 yak4433 non-compete clause711 awkward962 awkward moment195 buttstuck365 comic105859 dock47553 female1321643 funny4033 funny as hell485 implied penetration115 mare458342 ouch1009 picture1238 plot76006 stuck2499 student six1576 this ended in pain188 tree30940


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Duck - Duck cannon at high speed
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The perfect punishment for two ponies who can't even learn to cooperate. Especially if we all hoped and prayed they would at the end of the episode.*

(*Spoiler alert: they didn't.)