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sorry this came a little late, i would’ve finished this yesterday but long story short, me & my family (yes, i still live with my parents, how fuckin’ sad, not important) are going to be moving in about a week & i’ve been sorting some stuff out.  
anyway, here i’ve draw Celestia & Chrysalis (Reversalis) from another demention. sure they’re from 2 different universes but i have a feeling that these 2 would get along much better & be more social with each other than the evil Chrysalis, even if she somehow reformed.

safe2211733 artist:killerteddybear94293 princess celestia114532 queen chrysalis42865 alicorn322933 changeling67709 pony1641901 g42066345 cake13179 crossed arms7934 crown31111 cup9304 cutie mark51401 duo185117 eyeshadow31958 female1845879 folded wings21845 food104007 glasses91235 glowing horn29880 high res410144 hoof shoes10319 horn211842 insect wings708 jewelry118104 lidded eyes50376 looking at each other36045 magic98741 makeup42679 mare768302 mirror universe1364 multicolored mane5559 multicolored tail3924 open mouth245976 plate2847 prone36282 regalia38093 relaxing2183 reversalis305 smiling411622 teacup4158 telekinesis39988 traditional art145524


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