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Welcome to Bridge Constructor Equestria
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I’m no architect, but this is probably why suspension bridges are built.

Indeed, I don't think its an idiot ball moment when the the smart way of doing things is acknowledged and its clear the dumb thing being done is done for a very different reason (i.e. RD and Applejack didn't actually think the bridges were needed to get back, they just wanted to compete).
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Keep in mind — 6 of the 8 creatures involved here have no problem flying, and we've seen them able to carry the combined weight of the other two.

Idiot ball was majorly in play here. (They could have justified this situation if Yona had injured a leg making carrying her not an option)
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I'm surprised RD was able to hold that branch bridge THIS long.

Are we sure she didn't just use magic?

Is she an alicorn?
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That's him, officer
This scene got to me. At least Applejack had a good formation going with the vines, however fragile they were.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash's bridge was visibly shaking, like she was playing Jenga for a while.

Even my model bridge in 7th grade had more stability than that!!

Venting over.


I expected them to decidedly work together that time, but that went up in smoke…