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source needed13429 suggestive130639 artist:azerta56246 apple bloom47082 rainbow dash222148 scootaloo49269 sweetie belle46885 earth pony209868 pegasus251191 pony867055 unicorn277946 breath1232 clothes418622 cold877 colored17991 colored pupils8803 cutie mark crusaders18188 drool22795 faic11527 female1270672 fetish35918 filly60555 floppy ears46975 flying35015 hiding1324 mawshot1316 meme79205 micro8399 open mouth127064 scarf21178 scootapred53 smiling220515 smirk11305 smug5340 smugdash676 surprised8305 text52576 trollface421 vore13463 winter4005


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There's nothing wrong with keeping your friends warm.. just saying don't know why you gotta make it a big deal dAsH it's not like you haven't eaten your friends before ;)