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Not all fun and games and snuggles for Twi. She’s desperately missing home and her family. She’s stares off into the mountains that separate the forest from the steppes, waiting for the snow to melt enough to pass through them, even if that’s several months from now.
safe1676322 artist:silfoe1550 princess luna97934 twilight sparkle296657 alicorn218669 pony938958 unicorn311074 nomad au37 black and white12583 duo58476 female1336215 forest9892 grayscale37353 lesbian94975 mare466292 monochrome147849 mountain4944 mountain range578 pine tree324 royal multiverse36 shipping196257 simple background383595 snow13645 tree31361 twiluna1494 unicorn twilight16583 white background95147 worried3801


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I eagerly await the next scene. I think we all know what is going to happen, just extrapolating from the A and B plots and the canon source material. I want to know how it will go down, and how everyone will react. Also, if any of the Royal Sketchbook relationships will carry over (besides the obvious).