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After hearing about the crystal ponies experiencing dark magic outside the Crystal Empire, Twilight and her friends were sent to investigate. They searched for clues on the outskirts of the Empire where the frigid weather was wild and uncontrolled. When creatures they had never seen before attacked, Twilight was separated from her friends and found herself lost in the raging blizzard.

It wasn't long before the creatures found her and attacked. She held her own, using her magic to fight them off. Unfortunately, one of the creatures got a hold of the thick coat Rarity had made to keep them warm and ripped it from her. The force sent her backwards onto a sheet of ice and the princess fell, her head hitting the ice with a resounding thud.

Now defenseless against the creatures and the freezing air, Twilight lay unconscious to meet her doom.

As the creatures moved in to finish her off, a thick cloud of dark smoke enveloped the area, and a deep snarl shook the area. A dark figure jumped from the cloud and landed between Twilight and the creatures, the ice cracking from the force. Deep scarlet eyes glowed dangerously, and within seconds, the creatures were vaporized, their ashes mixing with the swirling snow.

Sombra looked behind him at the girl who lay motionless, her body pale as her temperature dropped. He knew this girl. Remembered the familiar pull of her magic. Yes, she was the one. The only one who had managed to get past all of his well thought out traps. She was even able to escape his power to break one's mind with their worst fears.

Thanks to her, he was now the King of no where.

It had taken years for him to gather his shattered pieces together, and yet his true power had not returned. He narrowed his eyes and sneered. He should leave her here to die. She should pay for the humiliation she brought on him!

And yet…

Sombra kneeled down beside her and brushed her hair away to study her face. Perhaps, he wondered, he might find a better use for her. He had witnessed her immense power, had felt it's familiar pull. She might be the key to unlocking his true potential. But now was not the time, he was still far too weak to put a plan into motion. She would be useless to him if she were to die here.

Making a decision, the King moved his arms under her and pulled her up off the ground. He carried her to the outskirts of the Crystal Empire, making sure not to get too close to it's barrier. He looked down at the princess once more before leaving her to soon be found and rescued by her companions.

Soon, he thought…we shall meet again.


Sorry, I totally suck at writing LOL but this was the idea I had in my head so I put it here anyway.

I saw one picture of SombraxTwilight and now I'm trash. I'm weak for opposites attract, bad guy x good guy…beauty and the beast scenarios, bla, bla, bla…

Hope you enjoy this picture even if it's not your cup of tea~ Had a LOT of fun working on it.

Thank you!

MLP belongs to Hasbro
semi-grimdark29120 artist:fuufuucuddles8 king sombra13444 twilight sparkle294303 alicorn215404 human150321 armor23037 blood23731 boots20858 breasts265834 carrying2142 clothes442623 duo56922 elf ears1872 eyes closed88422 female1322436 humanized98067 injured3271 male357553 passed out228 scar11485 shipping194172 shoes34405 straight131958 torn clothes4647 twibra314 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121132 unconscious487 wings97478


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