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Make someone into a Pony Siren, and then make that Pony Siren into an Equestria Girls Guys style.

Much like EQG1, this is the Pony Siren travelling into the EQG world much like Princess Twilight.

Design is taken from a few things, head is mostly based off Flash Sentry (new) but modified, and the eyes are feminine. Body is the same, based off Flash Sentry (old) but the hands are feminine. There's really no reason for me to make him some hybrid of design other than because I think it looks better. P:

Scale will be relative to each other, and I scaled him to my ponies as I plan to put them together. The ponies won't be 'canon' relative scale, but I like mine better anyway.

Ponied up
safe1659182 artist:lightningbolt879 derpibooru exclusive27070 equestria girls193731 .svg available8102 belt5148 chains4754 clothes442492 confused4577 disguise4526 disguised siren612 emo762 equestria girls-ified9261 hair over one eye8689 hoodie13305 indifferent73 jeans3861 jewelry58998 kellin quinn366 male357460 necklace17381 pants13682 pierce the veil100 ripped jeans218 seatbelt belt26 shirt23617 shoes34390 simple background377768 sleeping with sirens363 sneakers4843 solo1033595 svg3533 transparent background195461 undershirt372 vector75078


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