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Some new now-public Rara edits from Patreon with a few small tweaks here and there.

I’m trying something a little new, I’m looking to improve my work but I’m not sure what direction to go in, so I’d like some feedback. Anonymous asks are open and I want people to send me an ask stating your favourite and least favourite aspect of my art. Much appreciated to anyone that sends these in, I’m going to collect all the data into some tables and see what changes to make following the future.

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explicit338545 artist:twistedscarlett601075 rarity177540 unicorn303936 anthro250023 all fours3021 anus93256 ass46961 bed39341 bedroom eyes57231 blushing189708 breasts265492 colored pupils9232 complete nudity3619 female1321544 lip bite11177 looking at you160112 looking back54390 looking back at you13449 mare458296 nipples158815 nudity356576 on bed3108 rearity4276 sexy27939 shoulder fluff1658 smiling235176 solo1033190 solo female175607 stupid sexy rarity1173 vulva122744


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Background Pony #BFB2
How about different body types instead of one? Other then that it's your style (more shading) I love most.
Background Pony #14E9
Let me start by saying I LOVE your artwork, but… I feel like your body types could use a little more variation. They look awesome don't get me wrong. I would like some more variety in breast sizes and body types. Your shading, line work, and attention to detail is beyond awesome. Take this picture of instance. The shading and back round light effects you have done are amazing. I also wouldn't mind seeing a few more back round characters more often. Keep up the good work! Positively adore it!