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safe1899674 artist:evehly823 fluttershy231509 posey shy1523 pegasus374028 pony1247194 :>360 animated108787 blushing227589 caught3800 chest fluff49626 colored wings8844 colored wingtips1889 comic119779 cute225539 daaaaaaaaaaaw5476 dancing9465 door4554 embarrassed12977 evehly is trying to murder us8 exclamation point4591 eyes closed113177 female1536584 filly79646 filly fluttershy805 happy36244 heart57210 hnnng2574 looking back69341 mare578137 missing accessory8930 missing cutie mark5326 mother and daughter6725 music notes3881 no glasses188 radio621 raised hoof56473 raised leg9385 shyabetes16203 simple background472488 smiling309291 spread wings69018 spying331 surprised10678 two-frame gif108 watching1559 white background120926 wide eyes18346 wings158450 younger19373


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Part Time Misanthrope
they should dance together :D maybe Shy’s mum agrees not to tell anyone on the condition that she dances with her. tho she’d never tell anyone anyway but just wants to have a little dance.  
that’d be extremely cute. :3
Background Pony #A4EF
This is me when I’m jamming.
Mom: comes in room smirks madly
Me: startled Uh… a little privacy please?