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safe1786030 edit139379 edited screencap69816 screencap232956 firelight453 starlight glimmer50586 pony1087525 a hearth's warming tail1526 a royal problem2200 all bottled up1475 celestial advice1175 equestria girls211859 every little thing she does967 mirror magic2602 no second prances1895 rock solid friendship1254 school daze2831 shadow play1328 the crystalling2223 the cutie map4181 the cutie re-mark3247 the maud couple764 the parent map1078 to change a changeling775 to where and back again2809 uncommon bond828 spoiler:eqg specials5538 angry28732 biting4000 board game407 boop7759 canterlot high2890 close-up6552 collage1509 compilation558 cropped51552 crystal empire2382 cute210167 dragon pit98 faic12746 female1434502 filly72045 filly starlight glimmer612 food75147 frown24363 glimmerbetes3956 glimmerposting283 grin43008 headscarf175 levitation12909 lidded eyes32831 lip bite12344 magic77271 meme84513 multeity2363 nervous6059 nervous grin1219 our town327 popcorn1593 quiet169 ragelight glimmer291 raised eyebrow6824 s5 starlight1953 scarf24500 scrunchy face7332 self-boop439 sire's hollow158 smiling272843 sparkly eyes358 squishy cheeks2542 starlight cluster99 starlight says bravo123 telekinesis29585 the many faces of starlight glimmer8 tired3310 tongue bite287 train station460 trixie's puppeteering82 twilight's castle4185 wall of tags3969 welcome home twilight139 younger18013


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