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Size: 983x813 | Tagged: safe, artist:lusille, princess luna, alicorn, pony, fanfic:moon rise, bathroom, bathtub, beautiful, cute, eyes closed, fanfic, fanfic art, female, mare, smiling, solo, spread wings, wet mane, wings
Size: 900x754 | Tagged: safe, artist:lusille, princess luna, alicorn, pony, fanfic:moon rise, :t, bath, bathroom, bathtub, beautiful, butt fluff, chest fluff, cute, ear fluff, ethereal mane, eyes closed, fanfic, fanfic art, female, floppy ears, fluffy, leg fluff, mare, missing accessory, prone, relaxing, shoulder fluff, shower, smiling, solo, starry mane, water, wet, wet mane, wing fluff
Size: 1280x832 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:wildviolet-m, oc, oc only, unnamed oc, earth pony, pony, bathing, bathroom, bathtub, black sclera, bubble, female, mare, on back, solo, ych result
Size: 1228x1043 | Tagged: safe, artist:tcn1205, applejack, rarity, earth pony, pony, unicorn, bath, bathroom, bathtub, blushing, bubble, female, lesbian, mare, rarijack, rubber duck, shampoo, shipping, wet, wet mane, wet mane rarity
Size: 2100x1397 | Tagged: safe, artist:yakovlev-vad, princess celestia, alicorn, pony, bath toy, bathroom, bathtub, black and white, boat, bubble, eye clipping through hair, female, grayscale, monochrome, playing, solo, toy, wet mane
Size: 1045x1406 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:meiyeezhu, rarity, human, ppov, admiration, anime, bath, bathing, bathroom, bathtub, belt, bow, breasts, bubble, bubble bath, busty rarity, buttons, chair, claw foot bathtub, clothes, clumsy, comic, costume, curtains, distracted, dress, falling, faucet, female, gloves, hat, horned humanization, humanized, humming, injured, mirror, music notes, nudity, old master q, oops, puddle, raristocrat, reference, reflection, rose dewitt bukater, shoes, singing, soaked, sparkles, splash, suit, sun hat, titanic, towel, traditional art, tripped, tripping, tub, unlucky, vanity, water, wet, wet hair, white suit, window
Size: 2200x1800 | Tagged: safe, artist:azurllinate, pipsqueak, princess luna, alicorn, earth pony, age difference, bath, bath mat, bathing, bathroom, bathtub, belly, blushing, brown eyes, bubble, bubble bath, claw foot bathtub, eyes closed, female, futurehooves, looking at someone, lunapip, male, massage, massaging, next gen:futurehooves, older, older pipsqueak, ponytail, pregluna, pregnant, shipping, straight, tiled floor, two toned mane
Size: 1200x1200 | Tagged: safe, artist:raph13th, yona, yak, bath, bathroom, bathtub, bottle, bubble, bubble bath, claw foot bathtub, cloven hooves, eyes closed, female, night, relaxing, shampoo, soap, window
Size: 1280x1207 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:johnjoseco, artist:kevinsano, twilight sparkle, human, armpits, bath, bathroom, bathtub, bibliophile, blue hair, book, bubble, bubble bath, casual nudity, colored, dark skin, day, eyelashes, female, humanized, indoors, long hair, looking forward, multicolored hair, nudity, on back, open book, open mouth, pink hair, purple hair, reading, smiling, soap, solo, stool, strategically covered, wet, window
Size: 748x1120 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:alcor, twilight sparkle, unicorn, anthro, plantigrade anthro, barefoot, bath, bathroom, bathtub, bra, breasts, butt, cheek fluff, clothes, dock, ear fluff, feet, female, indoors, looking at you, mare, mirror, panties, rubber duck, sink, soles, solo, solo female, thong, toes, twibutt, underwear, unicorn twilight, water
Size: 2500x1550 | Tagged: safe, artist:yakovlev-vad, princess celestia, princess luna, alicorn, pony, bath, bathing, bipedal, blushing, bubble, cheek fluff, chest fluff, cute, cutelestia, derail in the comments, duo, ear fluff, female, filly, floppy ears, fluffy, forced bathing, frown, glare, grumpy, hoof hold, human shoulders, leg fluff, lidded eyes, luna is not amused, lunabetes, mare, messy mane, nose wrinkle, open mouth, outdoors, rainbow, royal sisters, rubber duck, s1 luna, sailboat, shoulder fluff, sitting, smiling, soap, sponge, spread wings, suds, sweet dreams fuel, toy boat, unamused, updated, wall of tags, wallpaper, washing, water, wet mane, wings, woona, younger
Size: 841x949 | Tagged: safe, artist:lusille, princess luna, alicorn, pony, fanfic:moon rise, bathroom, bathtub, cute, fanfic, fanfic art, female, floppy ears, mare, raised hoof, scared, solo, wet mane