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suggestive161970 artist:fishimira355 rainbow dash251087 rarity196178 pegasus364004 pony1223929 unicorn401313 3d92867 animated107495 ass60627 butt142686 cute222678 cutie mark51729 female1515935 hair2207 horn101104 lesbian104401 plot99541 raribetes6079 raridash2018 rearity5414 shipping219955 source filmmaker54767 spanking2975 tail51364


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Background Pony #C567
Dashie dont do that that is not good for your hoves aj butt or twily butt is much better except fluttershy too  
But not She 😱
The Dark Pony

I’d love to smack Rarity’s butt too. And Sunset’s.
If I recall correctly, she’s the only pony whose butt was actually slapped in the show, although she still has less buttplay than Twilight, Fluttershy, or especially Pinkie Pie. (Though Iron Will flicks Fluttershy’s butt and Discord kicks Rainbow Dash’s butt, neither is quite the same as slapping it)
Background Pony #124C
I can’t tell who’s flank I’d like to spank most, Rarity, Applejack or Sunset.