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Full Service Playing Cards Series 1 Double E:
Sweetie Belle!

(The new one’s on the left!)

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(Note: These are physical playing cards, and can be mixed and matched with cards from Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and eventually Series 4, because they all have the same back image. :D)

(Note 2: Series 1 Double E is an ‘Enhanced Edition’ of Series 1, a complete redrawing of 52 original cards from the original set and two brand new ones!)

Here’s the song she’s singing. :3

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suggestive142760 artist:lil miss jay2493 sweetie belle48979 unicorn322237 anthro259741 full service playing cards290 big breasts81887 breasts277186 busty sweetie belle2100 clothes458783 cutie mark47631 female1360887 fingerless gloves4639 garter belt3643 gloves20036 mare479429 microphone5038 older26652 older sweetie belle2339 one eye closed30597 panties50158 peace sign2935 solo1062538 solo female179501 the cmc's cutie marks4751 underwear60736 wink24670


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Lil Miss Jay
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Butt Zebra
Hey I accidentally posted the wrong version of Sweetie and Harshwhinny to Tumblr!

The versions with the glowing outline are used to print the cards, the versions without the outline are Tumblr Friendly, it's like a watermark.

I've fixed both uploads on Tumblr, if there's a way to remove the Harshwhinny with the outline and the Sweetie Belle here, or replace them with the un-outlined versions, I'd appreciate it, thank you!