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safe1755101 screencap228477 gallus7000 ocellus5455 princess celestia96911 sandbar5614 silverstream6312 smolder8255 spike80612 yona5233 alicorn233596 changedling8803 changeling49951 dragon58922 earth pony267827 griffon28045 hippogriff10172 pony1014993 yak4754 horse play936 animated101112 clothes477341 costume28662 cute206227 cutelestia3680 dancing8589 director spike23 dragoness9016 fake beard299 fake ears260 fake horn729 female1405820 hat90701 male389411 mare504182 nailed it81 no sound4382 prosthetic butt10 stage3201 student six1663 teenager4765 trapdoor53 webm14480 wig903


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My mother is an amateur musician. Plays well, but she’s got no sense of timing. This just about sums it up.
Posting the day before Mothers’ Day in the US. Love ya, Mom.
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Wait, how come Ocellus didnt use her Changeling magic to transform herself into a pony character for the play?