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suggestive131116 artist:azerta56246 princess flurry heart6525 twilight sparkle286367 alicorn203109 chest fluff33558 cute183961 cute vore18 dialogue60263 drool22876 ear fluff24742 female1274553 fetish36076 filly60889 looking at you150059 magic67564 maw796 mawshot1319 micro8426 missing teeth116 open mouth127772 oral vore738 preylight743 simple background355240 soft vore1017 teaspoon10 text52835 vore13530


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Background Pony #57D7
I don't know if anyone remembers this story, but I've been looking for it for ages. Cadance warps herself into a lollipop or something while playing hide and seek with Twilight, and then Twilight ends up sucking on the lollipop and nearly consuming her. It's really nice but I can't seem to find it anywhere.