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You’re not a “Princess” princess.
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Background Pony #2172
Starlight : You and me are just friend Twilight. You and me communicate each other like a normal pony. Other ponys look at you as the Princess of Equestria. For me and the rest of your friends look at you as a friend. We don’t have to be formal infront of our friend.
I think this is what Starlight trying to say.
Background Pony #A8EE
I think she means that her and Twilight have lived together for a couple years now. She’s seen Twilight at her worst and her best. They are so close, that she can’t really see Twilight as princess, but only as her best friend.
Background Pony #7EB8
Sure. Keep telling yourself that as you’ll inevitably break whatever kind of Achille’s heel is on that leg, Sweetheart.

Twilight on magic reads a lot and is only seen practicing once in the six season.Also Starlight in season 5 final, dodge lightning when use her body, but Twilight made only force fields because she always follows the book. While Starlight practices more magic and reads just enough. Then how Twilight could keep up the step of a fight?
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Ofc. We all know that anyone who’s been around Twilight treats her less like an unapproachable pony and more like a friend.  
It’s just that rarely anyone ever points it out for comedic purposes.  
I find it appropriate that Starlight–the pony with an issue with authority–would be the one to tell it.
@Background Pony #EA5F  
Bah. This isn’t even drama worthy. Starlight is just joking around and playing with Twilight, which shows the kind of relationship they now have. If people make drama out of this, then they really have too much time on their hands.