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Background Pony #E2CD
It actually looks like Starlight didn’t have a strong female role model growing up because it looks like her mom might have been dead for quite awhil. Explains why her dad is overly protective, to the point of it causing her her future problems.
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I wish that was real, so I could fire that into the sky every night while yelling: “fuck you all!! Trixie is best pony!”
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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So, that makes TWO episodes this season that Trixie managed to steal without actually appearing in the flesh.
She is just that awesome.
Background Pony #D0C0
It tickles me more than it probably should when Trixie makes Twilight’s life difficult, more-so when she’s not even present.
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Trixie knows how to make money on the side.  
She’s now becoming a really great character that makes sense and also the more realistic one out there.
I mean, if she really was raised by a single mom, dad probably never come visit and she been hustling since her teenage years, it’s plausible that she’d grow up like this.
Meanwhile her friend Starlight ||is a priviledged kid who probably never had to work for money and || has zero idea about making a living.
I love Trixie and Starlight and Maud and Sunburst. They make a really weird gang.
Background Pony #8B0E
She need to sell her brand.She took a mortgage to create and manage that firework factory and powder is not cheap